Davydenko claims injured activists flee from hospital after eye surgery because of arrest threat

23.01.2014 13:50

Activists injured in Hrushevskoho Street immediately leave the hospital fearing arrest after serious operations on eye removal, UDAR deputy in Kyiv City Council of VI convocation Oleksiy Davydenko.

"Tonight two patients were in operated on at the October Hospital after clashes in Hrushevskoho Street. They had a gunshot wounds to the eye. Both had eyeballs removed. Both lost sight. And people fled the intensive care four hours after surgery, without eyes, fearing that they were arrested at the hospital", Oleksiy Davydenko told.

He stressed that invaders did not enter hospitals even during World War II and never took way people by force.

UDAR calls on security forces and authorities to stop terror against their own people.

UDAR urges all injured activists who need legal assistance who suffered from illegal actions, contact the Coordination Center for Legal Protection of National Resistance headquarters: (044) -220-17-71, 068-717-09-82, 068-717-09-63, 063-753-13-45, 063-127-63-50. Center’s email address: eurozahyst@gmail.com

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