UDAR: Authorities preparing provocations against peaceful protesters

25.01.2014 14:48

Despite numerous assurances of the authorities that emergency rule in Ukraine will not be introduced, it became clear that the Yanukovych regime headed for proclamation of state of emergency and suppressing constitutional right for peaceful assembly Ukraine, UDAR says.

"This is provided by redeployment of Internal Troops squads and fierce pressure on a number of MPs with a view to persuading them to adopt in the Parliament a decree on emergency state”, deputy head of UDAR Vitaliy Kovalchuk told. “As we came to know, to justify a state of emergency authorities prepares a number of provocations against peaceful protestors. The purpose of these provocations is to create picture of violent protests that allegedly threat safety and health of citizens", Kovalchuk said.

In this regard, political party UDAR states that any massive bursts of unwarranted aggression, terrorist offence, and other violence that threaten the lives and health of citizens are cynical scenarios of authorities. Such provocations are very likely to be carried out by dirty hands of special services officials. The purpose of such actions of the government is to justify state terror against its own people in the eyes of international community and uninformed citizens.

"We call on all Ukrainian citizens not to succumb to provocations of authorities and continue the protest exclusively in a peaceful manner. We urge the international community to prevent the war of government against its own people. The existence of a dictatorial regime in Central Europe is a challenge to European values ​​and security in the region", UDAR statement goes.

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