Klitschko: “Yanukovych agreed on many demands. But we do not step back and demand elections this year”

25.01.2014 21:49

President Yanukovych agreed on many demands of Maidan. But we will not step back and demand to hold early elections this year, the leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko said from Maidan stage.

"We have just come from difficult negotiations. I want to let you know key issues that we discussed. Yanukovych agreed on many of our demands. He is ready to release all detainees and declare amnesty. Moreover, he agreed on restoration of the Constitution of 2004 and resignation of the government under certain conditions", Vitali Klitschko told.

However, Yanukovych has not yet agreed to annul dictatorial laws passed on January 16. Instead,  he offers only to amend them. "Our position is clear – abolish these laws", UDAR leader stressed.

Klitschko pointed out that negotiations would continue, and the opposition is not set to abandon the rest of Maidan demands. "Our demand is presidential elections this year. And we do not retreat! We hold our position at Maidan and in the regions. There are no extremists here! We are peaceful people, who defend their rights and demands. We will remain unprovoked. We are committed to not retreat", Klitschko said.

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