National Resistance Headquarters Statement

27.01.2014 15:06

During the day Interior Ministry special forces squads together with organized bandit formations, so called titushys, using brutal force and weapons dispersed peaceful protests of citizens in Odesa, Dnipropetrovsk, Cherkasy, and Sumy. Through authorities’ fault, blood has been spilt once again. The number of victims reaches hundreds of people.

The so-called law enforcement agencies jointly with bandits continue to kidnap people. Government and criminals resemble Siamese twins. Illegal arrests, raids, hostage taking continue. Harassment of journalists and obstruction to their professional work do not stop.

Criminal occupation regime does not stop terror against its own people despite the fact that negotiations on resolving deep social and political crisis are still going on.

Authorities’ attempts to use provocateurs to disrupt the talks through seizure of the Ministry of Justice, the agency which played its role in developing and pushing through dictatorial laws on January 16, do not stand up to criticism. Currently the Ministry is free of protesters.

Over the past day, Maidan generally follows the truce and calm, but the regime has to understand that people angered by deaf authorities can lose temper any time.

Despite authorities’ focus to disrupt negotiations and introduce state of emergency, opposition is ready to continue negotiations to avoid further escalation of crisis and bloodshed and preserve the unity of the country.

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