UDAR: "At first court prohibits Klitschko to move around Kyiv, now determines what to say"

27.01.2014 17:43

UDAR consider unjust the decision of the District Administrative Court of Kyiv to oblige Vitali Klitschko to provide information on the right of residence in Germany and the U.S. and is ready to file an appeal.

"Despite the absurdity of government actions resulted in mass protests of Ukrainian citizens and even to casualties in Kyiv, authorities did not make any conclusions. This time , using court mechanisms, government continues its attempt to deprive UDAR leader Vitali Klitschko of the right to run for president in the upcoming elections in Ukraine", UDAR says.

The party noted that a head of a parliamentary faction is not a holder of information within the framework of the law "On Access to Public Information". Verkhovna Rada Office is not and cannot be in charge of such information.

“Therefore, authorities decided that they can manage actions and words of every person, as recently court has prohibited Vitali Klitschko to walk on the streets of Kyiv, and now court determines what exactly he has to say", UDAR points out.

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