Klitschko: “Events in Ukrainian streets are the result of the Azarov’s Cabinet work”

28.01.2014 11:54

Events, which are taking place in the streets of the country, are also the result of the Azarov’s government actions, UDAR leader Vitali Klitschko told reporters commenting on resignation of Azarov.

"The issue of Cabinet’s liability and resignation is included in our agenda for today. I am confident that Azarov filed a resignation letter in the morning in order to protect himself. Indeed, what is happening today in the streets is also the result of the government activity", Vitali Klitschko said.

Leader of UDAR pointed out that he would do everything to avoid a new spin of conflict escalation in society.

"It is important to stop repression, which has burst out across the country by authorities when people are unreasonably thrown in jail. We must put an end to it. We will use any platform to defend the interests of people either at a parliamentary tribune, or in the streets", Klitschko stressed.

He also pointed out that the wave of regional anti-governmental protests is an important step towards victory. "Take a look at Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Cherkassy. People revolted regardless of region. Willingness to defend their citizenship wakes up. It is important when people say they will not live according to these rules and will struggle. This is a big step to victory", Vitali Klitschko said.


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