Klitschko urges Prosecutor General to give public full information on the case of Dmytro Bulatov disappearance and find him

28.01.2014 12:32

A week has passed since the leader of AutoMaidan Dmytro Bulatov disappeared, but investigation has not yet provided any information about the case to the public, UDAR leader Vitali Klitschko states.

"Today there is no doubt that authorities are involved in his disappearance. Dmytro was among the first who challenged the government. It was his courage and energy that united thousands of patriots around AutoMaidan who has become a real force in the fight against this regime", Klitschko said.

He pointed out that authorities launched the most brutal repression against AutoMaidan participants. Still, it is unknown until now what has actually happened to Dmytro Bulatov.

"I call on Prosecutor General. Provide the public with full information on the progress of the investigation and do everything to find Dmytro. Do not hope that society and Dmytro’s friends, who search for him themselves, will forget this terrible case. I, as a member of Parliament and a faction leader, will strive for objective investigation and liability and punishment of all those involved in Dmytro’s disappearance", UDAR leader highlighted.

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