Klitschko says cancellation of January 16 laws is a small, but very important step

28.01.2014 12:59

Cancellation of the laws on restriction of civil liberties, passed on January 16, is a small but very important step, UDAR leader Vitali Klitschko said commenting to journalists on the sidelines of parliament.

"Today, we still have to consider a very important issue on the amnesty and release of all detained demonstrators. It is also crucial to address the question of the constitutional reform, which will divided powers between a President, a Prime minister and the Parliament. Moreover, it is important to raise the question of the government responsibility. We have received information that Azarov had resigned, but it is unclear whether President will sign it", Vitali Klitschko said.

Answering journalists' questions about possible involvement of the opposition in formation of a new Cabinet, Klitschko pointed out, “I will not consider the possibility to work in the Government under President Yanukovych on any condition. I have never set a goal to obtain any position. The faces in the government may change, but the system remains the same. People expect much more than the resignation of the government. We need to reload governmental system first.  This is why Ukraine has risen today”, the leader of UDAR stressed.

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