Klitschko: “The process is gaining traction. Azarov’s Cabinet resigned. We continue our protest”

28.01.2014 21:39

Azarov's government resigned because of Maidan. This is a step towards victory, but the struggle continues, UDAR leader Vitali Klitschko said from Maidan stage.

"Today is an important day. I would like to say that the process is gaining traction, as the government of Azarov resigned. If there was no Maidan this would not have happened. This is just the beginning ", Vitali Klitschko said.

He also noted that the abolition of the January 16 laws, which limit civil liberties, is also a small but very important step. At the same time, UDAR insists on returning to the Constitution of 2004, to avoid concentration of power in the same hands.

Speaking about Yanukovych’s offers Klitschko said, "I will never consider the issues of being a member of the government of Yanukovych. Getting a post has never been in my agenda".

UDAR leader also noted that in Ukraine there are police officers with dignity. They start to file reports and move to the side of people. "I appeal to all Internal Ministry officials, internal forces and special forces officers. Today you do not even have a minister. He is an acting minister. So think, who will be responsible for violence against people. Be with people and protect citizens, not Yanukovych", Klitschko urged.

In comments to journalists politician pointed out that negotiations with the authorities on the issue of amnesty lasted or a long time. Nevertheless, authorities offer amnesty only after protesters leave administrative offices and Maidan as it is. "We do not agree to this! So tomorrow we are having Parliament’s extraordinary session. We understand that people expect much more than a government resignation! Therefore, a major step will be a complete change of government and presidential elections", Klitschko highlighted.

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