UDAR: ”Yanukovych misleads public claiming authorities have met their commitments”

30.01.2014 17:27

The statement of President Yanukovych that authorities have met all the commitments of the negotiations with the opposition is untrue and considered as an attempt to mislead society.

"Yanukovych openly dissembles, claiming that the government has fulfilled its obligations. The opposition went to negotiate with the president on a specific list of demands. First, release all detainees who took part in protests after the adoption of dictatorial laws of January 16, including AutoMaidan activists. But hundreds of Maidan activists across the country are still in jail, and pocket courts continue to stamp the decisions on 60 days arrests", UDAR says.

Opposition insisted to pass a law that exempts from liability and ensures no prosecution in the future for participants of clashes after January 16. The exception is for those involved in murder and kidnapping. "But after the President had intimidated MPs, they passed a Miroshnichenko bill of pseudo- amnesty under which people actually become hostages of power", the party noted.

UDAR points out that one of the Maidan demands, which opposition declared to the President, is abolition of dictatorial laws package “adopted" on January 16 with abnormal violation of the Constitution. Such law was passed in the Parliament. However, the President has not signed the law yet.

Another key demand of the opposition was return to the Constitution of 2004. "People came to Maidan, demanding to change government and the whole system. The first step to this is a shift to a parliamentary –presidential republic. This should be done immediately", UDAR emphasizes.

Opposition also demanded to dismiss the Cabinet. "Azarov has resigned. At the same time, the issue of Cabinet’s responsibility has not been introduced to the Parliament, although the current political crisis is a consequence of incompetent policy of Azarov’s government", Party statement goes.

UDAR reminds that after the last meeting Justice Minister Lucash claimed that the talks between the President and opposition would continue. Therefore, it looks strange when President actually washes his hands of the issue and states that all obligations are fulfilled.

"Negotiations should continue, since such withdrawal on the part of the President from resolving an acute political crisis proves that either he does not completely understand what is happening in the country, or such situation suits him", UDAR stresses.

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