Klitschko: “Tortures of Bulatov is an attempt to intimidate all active citizens”

31.01.2014 07:55

Tortures and abuse, which one of AutoMaidan leaders Dmytro Bulatov suffered, have been put on him with the purpose to intimidate those who disagree with authorities and show what can happen to anyone, Vitali Klitschko said after visiting Bulatov at hospital.

"What they did to Dmytro is an act of intimidation of all active citizens. AutoMaidan became an effective movement fighting against the government.  Many AutoMaidan activists have suffered. Some of them had their cars smashed, some have been arrested”, Klitschko said. “Dmytro, who is one of AutoMaidan leaders, a man who is not afraid to express his citizenship, was kidnapped and tortured for a week", Vitali Klitschko pointed out.

Three days ago, UDAR leader called on Prosecutor General demanding to objectively and comprehensively investigate Dmytro Bulatov’s disappearance and do their best to find him.

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