Klitschko: “A full change of power can be a compromise to resolve crisis. Can terror against people be a compromise?”

01.02.2014 20:11

Negotiations between opposition and authorities should result in resolving political crisis through a full reset of authorities and redistribution of powers in the state, Vitali Klitschko told journalists at the press conference in Munich.

 "A compromise to resolve the crisis in Ukraine could be secured through a full reset of power. The issue of the Constitution 2004 restoration was discussed almost at all meetings that I had at the Munich Security Conference”, Klitschko said. “Everyone admitted that it may well be one of the most effective mechanisms for redistribution of power and reset of power in the state. It will help to avoid the situation when all power is concentrated in hands of an only person. Ukraine’s ability to step back from the brink of horror depends exclusively on that person. Therefore I would like to say that absolute power means absolute responsibility", Vitali Klitschko pointed out.

He stressed that authorities only talk about compromises, which they allegedly accept. The whole world sees it.

"Can it be called a compromise when they try to arrest Bulatov right at hospital, after he has just escaped from captivity and torture? Is it a compromise when activists are intimidated, arrested and imprisoned? Is it a compromise when people disappear, titushkys are outraging in the cities, and cars are set on fire? Can we call terror against citizens a compromise? This is why we understand that regime cannot act and do not want to act in a different manner. Therefore they have to go", Klitschko said.

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