Klitschko says European, U.S. politicians shocked by events Ukraine, no one trusts Yanukovych’s regime

02.02.2014 13:33

Democratic world has realized there can be no confidence in the Yanukovych regime, because he was lying and did not comply with the obligations, UDAR leader Vitali Klitschko said from Maidan stage.

"I have just returned from Munich. I have come here from the airport. Ukraine’s question was one of the most important at the Munich Security Conference. I met with many European and American politicians, the UN Secretary-General. They are all shocked with all that is taking place in Ukraine", Vitali Klitschko said.

He told that resolving of Ukrainian crisis was discussed at the conference. An effective mechanism in this regards may be a restoration of the Constitution 2004, which will facilitate redistribution of powers in the state.

Another question raised in Munich was how to stop violence and terror unfolded by Yanukovych's government against its own people. "We discussed international mediation in talks with Yanukovych to avoid variety of interpretations of obligations", leader of UDAR pointed out.

Klitschko told that the speech of Foreign Minister Kozhara turned a real shame for the government. "He told how everything is well, how authorities take care about people. He told that no one was killed, nor imprisoned, nor had his car burned, nor kidnapped and tortured! That is why I passed Kozhara Conference participants photo books with “Berkut” and authorities’ atrocities", the politician noted.

Vitali Klitschko stressed that the worst thin in such behavior of the government is if that they do not recognize such egregious problems, therefore they justify them and are not going to solve. "This is why there is an only way to cut this knot – a complete change of government and its system. And I also discussed it in Munich", UDAR leader mentioned.

Klitschko told that he spoke at Munich EuroMaidan, where Ukrainian not only from Germany, but also from the Czech Republic and Poland arrived. He also told that German Foreign Minister expressed readiness to accept Dmytro Bulatov for treatment. "And we're doing our best to send him there", Klitschko said.

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