Klitschko confident elections will put an end to crisis in Ukraine and regime of Yanukovych

02.02.2014 14:17

The crisis in Ukraine will be over when elections under control of international community will be held.  Elections will put an end to the regime of Yanukovych, the leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko claimed speaking at Maidan rally.

"The past week has shown that government is increasingly shaking. Many people at the government are willing to make concessions. But “hawks” are still in power. Their main weapon is fear and chaos. We must overcome fear and chaos and eventually win", Vitali Klitschko stressed.

He noted that Maidan should remain an island of order. Klitschko urged Ukrainians to organize teams and militia to ensure the law and order in the streets. "In every city and every neighborhood gather friends, neighbors and go out patrolling the streets. Only we can stop the atrocities that authorities with their titushkys brigades arrange", UDAR leader pointed out.

He also highlighted the importance of civil protest demonstrations. Klitschko urged all those who support peaceful solution to the crisis and release of hostages to support campaign "Do not Fear! You are Ukrainian!" on Monday, at 12 a.m. "If at work, come out of the office for half an hour. If driving, press a horn. On Monday, at 12.00 in all cities of Ukraine let us hang out national flags at home, at office, or in the streets. This is a signal to all. We are Ukrainians, we are patriots, there are millions of us. We are not afraid and we will win", Vitali Klitschko urged.

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