Klitschko: “Parliament must pass a new law on protection from persecution and mechanism of immediate return to the Constitution of 2004”

03.02.2014 10:19

This week Parliament must adopt a decision, which will reduce the temperature of conflict and lead to its solution. In particular, a new law on protection from persecution and a mechanism of immediate return to the Constitution of 2004 must be adopted, UDAR leader Vitali Klitschko said at during a meeting of a coordination board of parliamentary factions and committees heads.

"We have to realize that a hostage bill, which for some reason is called amnesty bill, does not work and will not work, especially in the light of numerous evidences of non-personal voting for it. Therefore, we must adopt a new law on protection from persecution without any preconditions. UDAR MPs have already registered the draft of the law," Vitali Klitschko pointed out.

He also noted that Parliament must repair injustice to people and change the system of government. "Everybody realizes that concentration of powers in the hands of a single person is dangerous. Therefore the question is not whether to return to the Constitution of 2004 or when it should be done. It must be done immediately! The only question is how. We have to take this decision. Then the factions and deputies will truly be subjects of decision-making. And then we can discuss government which Parliament will support and trust", Klitschko stressed.

UDAR leader also reiterated the need for elections in Kyiv, and a number of regional centers and adoption of laws, "which will reduce police desire to beat people, for example, for police armor labeling".

He also noted that Prosecutor General has to report why those responsible for killings and beating people had not been named yet and the course of the investigation.

"If needed, let us declare all three session weeks plenary. We may work in this mode unless necessary decisions are finally taken”, Klitschko said.

After that leader of UDAR suggested, that the faction heads should meet at the Speaker’s office to discuss implementation of urgent issues important to solve the crisis.

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