Klitschko: “Those who are pushing to resolve crisis by force are playing with fire”

04.02.2014 09:37

Leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko calls on Parliament to find a civilized and peaceful way to resolve the political crisis in the country, speaking at the plenary session of the Parliament.

Klitschko highlighted that today in every city citizens stand against dictatorship, because they want to live in a democratic, civilized Ukraine. "Authorities are to blame for the current crisis and bear full responsibility for it", he said. However, Klitschko added, Parliament also must have its say.

He noted that the first responsible step is restoration of the Constitution of 2004, which was illegally abolished in 2010. UDAR leader urged each deputy to follow a civilized path. "Let us stops dictatorship. Let us return to the Constitution, which makes MPs subjects of decision-making, but not people for pushing keys. Let us adopts a law on exemption from persecution without any conditions. Let us schedule elections in Kyiv and other regional and district centers where they must have been held many months ago. These decisions will create a basis to we obtain the credit among society. If we fail, society can explode", Vitali Klitschko said.

At the same time, politician warned Parliament of another way out of the crisis, which may lead to further escalation and provocation of a conflict. He noted that some politicians started to tell the same old story, “This is our language, this is not our language; these are our heroes, those are not our heroes, this is our history, this is not our story". Klitschko reminded that recently dangerous ideas of federalization crackdown had started to circulate. "Some riot police imitators from local authorities create some fronts. Criminals cooperate with police. This is unacceptable. Those who push us to go this way are playing with fire", UDAR leader said. The politician has no doubt that the federalization of Ukraine is a way to destroy it.

Leader of UDAR said that people had shown their strength and desire to change the country.  There is no need to stop them. "Do not stop the way of state development, because people's anger will sweep you away. Now it is time to think on one’s actions and their consequences", Klitschko pointed out.

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