Klitschko will demand a meeting with the President if Parliament fails to agree on Constitution restoration voting

04.02.2014 12:19

Leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko told reporters on the sidelines of parliament that he would demand a meeting with President Yanukovych in case the Parliament fails to agree on a decision to return to the Constitution of 2004.

"Yanukovych has not responded yet on the Constitutional Act which we propose to pass. Yesterday I tried to meet with him. There was no answer. I hope, there today I will have an opportunity to meet him. If we cannot find a common stance here at the Parliament, I believe that this issue should be discussed with the person who makes decisions directly and has all powers", UDAR leader said pointed out.

Vitali Klitschko noted that in private conversations Party of Regions MPs expressed support for proposals to restore a previous version of Constitution. "It may happen that they will find themselves under press once again. During the extraordinary session President came to the Parliament. MPs were pressed to such an extent that they were afraid and gave their votes for the so-called amnesty bill", politician said.

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