Klitschko calls on Prosecutor General to cease harassment of Luhansk UDAR cell head

06.02.2014 10:10

UDAR leader Vitali Klitschko calls on the Prosecutor General to take measures to prevent unjust prosecution on political grounds of the head of Luhansk regional organization of UDAR Vitali Serpokrylov, a deputy appeal of Vitali Klitschko runs.

"Head of Luhansk regional party organization Vitali Serpokrylov is being persecuted by police, in fact for active citizenship and political stance", Klitschko said.

In the appeal he outlined the facts of persecution and repression by police against members and activists of UDAR and, in particular, of Vitali Serpokrylov. The letter states that on February 4 officials of Security Service, Interior Ministry and prosecutors carried out a search in Serpokrylov’s apartment in Luhansk in a rough and cynical way. At that moment his elderly parents and his brother's wife were in the apartment.

"According to Vitali Serpokrylov’s relatives who were at the time of the search in the apartment, police officers behaved very harshly, and responded to any replica in a rude manner. Moreover, they did not let a lawyer in, who Serpokrylov asked to verify legality of the search", Klitschko pointed out.

UDAR leader stressed that law enforcement officials seized party records, footages of party conferences, memory sticks and a range of other materials. Klitschko demands from Prosecutor General to "take all measures to avoid exceeding authority by law enforcement officers in Luhansk and bring their operations into compliance with the Constitution and laws of Ukraine".

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