Kovalchuk: “Authorities are not willing to limit their powers for resolving political crisis“

06.02.2014 13:13

At present, authorities show that they are not ready to limit their powers for the sake of resolving political crisis in Ukraine, deputy head of UDAR Vitali Kovalchuk commented to journalists on the sidelines of the Parliament.

"Today’s agenda has two issues that must be addressed. First, it is immediate restoration of the legitimate government through return to the Constitution of 2004. We are ready to consider proposals to amend the Constitution. Certainly, they must be addressed. But it's a minor issue. It is necessary to set balance of power today, not within six months. This is what majority of Ukrainians demand", Vitali Kovalchuk stressed.

When asked in what way restoration of Constitution of 2004 may be secured, Kovalchuk replied, "The first way is when Constitutional Court revokes its decision of 2010. Second is adoption of the Constitutional Act, introduced by the Parliamentary Committee on State Building and Local Self-Government. There also may be a constitutional treaty adoption, which will determine mechanisms of powers division. The first method is constitutional. Others require political and legal decision", the MP said.

Kovalchuk pointed out  that political crisis in Ukraine could be resolved either by holding early presidential and parliamentary elections or establishing the balance of powers among the President, Parliament and Cabinet of Ministers. "This is why we insist on a return to the Constitution of 2004, which will limit the presidential powers, and consider Constitution amendments after that. We must adopt an edition, which does not require amendments in the future regardless of the political situation", Vitali Kovalchuk stressed.

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