UDAR urges Party of Regions, unaffiliated MPs not to be afraid and support Constitution of 2004 restoration

06.02.2014 14:31

UDAR calls on members of Parliament of the Party of Regions faction and unaffiliated MPs immediately adopt a decision on return to the Constitution of 2004. This will deprive President Yanukovych of dictatorial powers, make fractions and MPs real subjects of decision-making and form a government that will implement reforms, but not exert repression against citizens, UDAR statement runs.

UDAR is convinced that this will be one of steps for resolving political crisis in Ukraine. The party says that any delay in the adoption of specific solutions leads to aggravation of the situation. "It is proved by the explosion at Trade Unions house today and a number of other power acts that provoke an aggravation of the situation", the party said in a statement.

In addition, UDAR stresses, European institutions have already expressed their willingness to provide financial assistance to Ukraine to overcome the crisis and launch reforms. If concrete measures are not taken, the party highlights, it will lead to escalation, responsibility for which only President Yanukovych will bear.

"Therefore every MP should take a personal decision whether he or she is with people and for the solution to the crisis, or with the president and ready to share responsibility for everything that happens in the country", UDAR statement runs.

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