Klitschko: “I challenge Yanukovych for public debate”

09.02.2014 14:20

“I challenge Yanukovych for public debate at Maidan”, UDAR leader Vitali Klitschko declared, speaking at the Public Assembly at Maidan.

"Yanukovych suggested many things. Among others, he told me, “Vitali, I challenge you for public debate”. I said "Yes" without hesitation. I would like to invite Yanukovych for debate next Sunday here at Maidan. Let him hear what people think about him", Vitali Klitschko said.

He emphasized that all citizens of Ukraine as well as those who stand at Maidan, wait for a complete change of government. "People need change of state power and playing field. We do not need to wait for six months until a new constitution is written. We can return to the Constitution of 2004 now. After that we will work on a new version. People demand early presidential elections", Klitschko noted, followed by a wave of approving applause.

He thanked all Ukrainians who had come to express their disagreement with Yanukovych’s regime and defend their rights. "I am glad that Maidan is full. There are hundreds of thousands of people. Two days ago I published a video inviting everyone who is not indifferent to come to Maidan. It is not about tents and barricades. It is about first and foremost people united by desire to live in a modern country, who came to struggle for themselves, their future and future of their families", Klitschko said.

UDAR leader stressed that the ranks of demonstrators should increase. He pointed out that Self-defense units should work in every city or district. Klitschko urged all Ukrainians to enroll in them and also join campaign "Do not fear! You are Ukrainian!" and hang out national flags and stripes at home and at work.

Vitali Klitschko told that UDAR was completing preparations for a nationwide strike and urged Ukrainians to hold another warning strike on Thursday, February 13, when Parliament should meet. "At 12 o'clock leave your desks for an hour. Go out. Do not be afraid! Create strike initiatives at work. You can find contact details of our coordinators on UDAR website", the politician said.

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