UDAR: Interior Ministry and Minister Zakharchenko are provocateurs number one in Ukraine

10.02.2014 11:41

UDAR expresses its concern about the statements of Internal Affairs Minister Vitali Zakharchenko about alleged terrorist act prepared by "extreme right groups" and reports of Security Service on counter-terrorism measures. This could mean that the "hawks" in power will not stop short even at such an offense, the statement of the party says.

"It often happens, that Zakharchenko simply announces provocations that Ministry of Interior is going to carry out against civilians. It was the case with the statement about "corpses at Maidan", as well as with the statement about a police officer death and alleged beating and tortures on police officers in Kyiv City Council. This was also the case with dirty allegations of rape and prostitution at Maidan", UDAR stresses.

The party believes that another provocation of Zakharchenko can be used as a pretext for another use of force against peaceful protesters. "Instead of policing, criminals in police uniform plan crimes against Ukrainian people. Bandits are brought to Kyiv. Therefore, we emphasize that all unlawful acts allegedly committed by Maidan activists are actually done by provocateurs hired by authorities. The events of recent months clearly proved that provocateur № 1 in Ukraine is Zakharchenko himself and the agency controlled by him", UDAR says in the statement.

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