Karpuntsov says there are several ways for a quick return to Constitution of 2004

11.02.2014 16:03

Today there are several ways, which will lead to a quick return to the Constitution of 2004. The fact that it does not happen indicates unwillingness of authorities to make concessions to the citizens, UDAR MP Valery Karpuntsov said on the parliament TV channel Rada.

“Kyiv Pubic Assembly as well as Maidans around the country voice the same demand - return the Constitution of 2004 and reduce dictatorial powers of the president. This can be done in two ways. The first one is when Constitutional Court reconsiders and cancels its decision of 2010 as they had no right to consider constitutionality of the Basic Law. The second way is through parliament adoption of an act, or a memorandum, or a constitutional treaty to return to the Constitution of 2004," Valery Karpuntsov said.

He also noted that the next task for parliamentarians would be amending the Constitution. This process is rather complicated and longtime. A working group involving constitutional experts should be engaged in the process.

"Today we see that judicial power is fully influenced by executive and the President. Parliament and Cabinet also want to intervene in the judiciary or the government in the activities of Parliament. This must not be. The less interference of one power in the other is, the more stable public relations will be," Karpuntsov pointed out.

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