UDAR demands to release all arrested activists without preconditions, as Popov and Sivkovych have been amnestied

12.02.2014 13:08

UDAR demands to immediately and unconditionally release all innocent victims of prosecution and judiciary tyranny and bring to justice those prosecutors, judges, and all so -called witnesses, who contributed to these cases, the party statement reads.

"People are thrown in jail. They do not only close ceases, but also reclassify them directly in the courtroom under other Criminal Code provisions, which provide for heavier penalties. Activists are behaved with as hostages. Prosecution demands 15 years of imprisonment for a person who carried car tires in his car’s trunk! At this time Popov and Sivkovych who, according to law enforcement agencies, were involved in organization and implementation of mass beating of people at Maidan on November 30, are granted absolute amnesty. This is an unparalleled cynicism of the government," UDAR stresses.

The party emphasizes that there can be no conditions for release of peaceful protesters who have been taken hostage by criminal authorities.

"If an amnesty law has been adopted with a view to releasing Popov and Sivkovych, we strongly demand to unconditionally cease prosecution of all detained activists. However, all who violated the citizens rights or were involved in beating or torture of protesters, must bear criminal responsibility," the party said in the statement.

UDAR points out, that three bills that provide full exemption from criminal liability and closure of all cases against detained activists have been introduced to Verkhovna Rada. "We demand to adopt one of these laws urgently," the party stressed. 

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