Chumak demands to explain why internal troops are being brought to MOD objects in Kyiv

16.02.2014 14:47

Currently 600 soldiers are gathered at a joint assembly point of Defence Ministry for Kyiv region, UDAR MP, head of Organized Crime Control and Anti-Corruption Committee of the Parliament Victor Chumak informed.

"Today, the government says that they fully support peaceful settlement of the situation in Ukraine, but at the same time, their actions contradict with their words. The question arises, why power draws internal troops reserves to the capital," MP pointed out.

He told that the soldiers, who arrived at a joint assembly point of the Ministry of Defence, came from Shostka, Dnepropetrovsk, and Simferopol, and had not been involved in Maidan service.

"Despite Minister of Defence statements that army is not involved in the confrontation at Maidan, MOD facilities such as Officers house and today the joint assembly point for Kyiv region provide accommodation for Internal troops officers. So the question is, on what basis and who gave the order to accommodate internal troops at MOD oblects," Viktor Chumak stressed.

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