Klitschko: “All cases against arrested protesters must be closed”

16.02.2014 16:28

We will lean on the power unless all criminal cases against arrested demonstrators are closed, UDAR leader Vitali Klitschko said from Maidan stage.

"A lot of people argue if it was a fair price to free these men. Ambiguous is the issue to free Regional State Administrations. Here we can argue about anything. But one sees life in a completely different way when behind the bars. Approximately 300 active protesters are released as for today. It is very important. We keep on leaning on the power unless all criminal cases are closed. Authorities think they have deceived everyone. At first, they release people, and at any moment can throw them back in jail. It will not work out!" Vitali Klitschko said.

He told that he had just returned from Dnepropetrovsk, and visited Poltava and Cherkassy before. "Despite the fact that court forbade rallies in Cherkassy and Poltava about three thousand people came to the rally. About 2 thousands were in Dnepropetrovsk. Wherever I came scenario was the same. I arrived in Cherkassy, and the building where I had to meet with party activists was allegedly mined. The same thing happened in Poltava, and today also in Dnepropetrovsk Emergency service and police searched for a bomb at a TV channel office. Authorities are very much afraid that people can gather, hear the truth and unite in their struggle," UDAR leader said.

He noted that the President is responsible for the events that might happen next week. Klitschko pointed out that political crisis in Ukraine could be resolved by snap elections to change the government in a constitutional way.

"Setting balance of powers and restoration of the Constitution of 2004 is a key issue to be raised on Tuesday in Parliament. Despite ruling parliamentary majority supports President, in private conversations they support us, but they fear his wrath, they are weak in spirit," Klitschko said.

The politician urged all those present at Maidan to convince their friends and acquaintances to go out and defend their citizenship. "We will struggle side by side, and we will win!" Vitali Klitschko stressed.

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