Klitschko calls on Merkel to block all suspicious transaction of Yanukovych’s allies, oligarchs supporting regime

17.02.2014 17:46

During a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin UDAR leader Vitali Klitschko suggested that it is necessary to verify the origin of EU-based assets of Yanukovych, his closest allies and the oligarchs who support the regime.

Vitali Klitschko pointed out that if Yanukovych and his allies see an outcome of money laundering combat, it will facilitate achieving compromise in Ukraine. He pointed out that avoiding of sanctions introduction, including on the part of the EU, pushes Yanukovych on to malpractices and force scenarios.

"I believe that EU and Germany in particular hold levers and mechanisms for imposing sanctions. Therefore, it is necessary to verify the origin of available in EU assets of Yanukovych and closest allies, as well as those oligarchs who support the regime. All suspicious bank transactions of such businesses should be blocked according to the EU money-laundering directives. This will also impact voting practices of Party of Regions MPs in the Parliament," UDAR leader said.

He also noted that resolving of acute crisis is impossible without changes in the power structure. They need to be carried out quickly and in a legal way in order to receive public approval. Therefore, Klitschko stressed the necessity to return to the Constitution of 2004.

"The pressure on Yanukovych should be followed by positive signals for Ukrainian people. In my view, it should include several milestones. First, it is financial assistance to overcome the crisis. Only a government of national trust is entitled to receive it. Moreover, implementation of a visa-free regime for Ukrainians (excluding members of the Yanukovych regime) or, at least , the introduction of free visas and facilitating a visa receiving process. Third is a clear outline of EU membership prospects," Klitschko said.

Klitschko also met with the leader of the parliamentary group of the Christian Democratic Union Andreas Shockenhoff and the Chairman of Foreign Affairs Committee of the European Parliament Elmar Brok.

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