Klitschko urges Yanukovych to immediately call for early presidential and parliamentary elections

18.02.2014 11:06

President Yanukovych has to call for early presidential and parliamentary elections UDAR leader Vitali Klitschko declared at a press briefing at the Parliament.

"I appeal to the President of Ukraine as he exclusively is accountable for what is happening. Any responsible politician in your place would take an only decision, Viktor Fedorovych. Announce early presidential and parliamentary elections! Do it! This will be the way out," Vitali Klitschko stressed.

He also urged Yanukovych to withdraw internal troops and Berkut from the streets of the capital. "Give MPs of your fraction an opportunity to vote for restoration of the constitutional order and proclaim valid the Constitution of 2004. This will reduce the temperature in society," UDAR leader said.

Klitschko stressed that parliament should form a new government. "We as opposition are ready to assume responsibility for its formation and reforms implementation. Every minute counts. Development of events in the country depends only on actions of the President," the politician noted.

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