UDAR: “Government of Yanukovych crossed the line and continues threaten to their people”

19.02.2014 09:03

Yanukovych's government crossed the line by deliberate provocations and bloodshed. They did it in order to pull out of peaceful negotiations and not to take any measures to satisfy demands of people who stood for almost three at Maidan, UDAR Party said in a statement.

"Having unleashed a war against his own people, Yanukovych continues to claim that Ukrainian citizens, who came out to defend their rights, are radicals. He threatens with courts, prisons and further bloodshed,” the party statement says. ”The government of Yanukovych threw riot police with weapons and “titushky” death squads against civilians. Yesterday's attempt to disperse Maidan proved that violence cannot bring victory. They failed to break resistance of people. And they will not succeed. The whole country rebelled against Yanukovych. He must finally realize it," UDAR stressed.

The party is convinced that international sanctions concern all money transactions, which authorities has siphoned off from Ukraine. The International Criminal Court in Hague will see into bloody events in Kyiv very scrupulously.

"Yesterday people could agree on a compromise based on restoration of the Constitution of 2004, complete amnesty to all activists and formation of a reform-focused government. After dozens of deaths, thousands of injuries, the foundation for the crisis settlement must be absolutely different. People demand resignation of Yanukovych, his associates, and early presidential elections," UDAR stressed.

The party emphasized, that announcement of early elections can ease tension. The elections must be held in a fair and democratic manner under the supervision of the international community.

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