Klitschko: “Yanukovych and those who carry out his orders bare responsibility for victims. Tough sanctions must be imposed”

19.02.2014 13:52

The whole responsibility for the escalation of violence and casualties lies on President Yanukovych and executors of his orders. Therefore, strict international sanctions must be imposed against them, UDAR leader Vitali Klitschko said after a meeting of opposition leaders with ambassadors.

"Ukrainian authorities headed by Yanukovych has resorted to the use of large-scale, inadequate and unjustified violence which they deliberately provoked," UDAR leader said. Vitali Klitschko pointed out that today deaths of innocent people continue and violence must be stopped immediately.

Klitschko stressed that government should withdraw “Berkut” squads and internal troops from the streets and send them to their home stations, and under no circumstances use Armed Forces in the standoff. "Only pressure on Yanukovych's government can stop the bloodshed. Therefore, immediate sanctions against the authorities responsible for conflict escalation and violence, as well as Yanukovych’s entourage and senior government officials must be imposed. Moreover, high-level observers should be send to Ukraine to attend the talks with Yanukovych , fix solution and act as guarantors of their performance," UDAR leader said.

Vitali Klitschko is convinced that the way out of the deep crisis may be achieved through early presidential elections, return to the Constitution of 2004 and the formation of a government that will implement reforms and ensure democratic character of elections.

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