Klitschko to Ukrainians: “Government of Yanukovych has to resign. Only Yanukovych is responsible for murder and terror against peaceful civilians”

19.02.2014 14:35

The main requirement of people is resignation of Yanukovych and his government, UDAR leader Vitali Klitschko said in a video to Ukrainians.

"Blood is shed on the streets of Kyiv. The main reason for this is actions of the authorities. Therefore, people today demand Yanukovych and his government to resign. The sooner this happens, the less blood is shed, the faster Ukraine will move to a civilized future for which people has taken to the streets," Klitschko said.

Leader of UDAR noted that the government had not heard and ignored people for three months. "A peaceful protest Ukrainian people continued for three months. They came out to defend their rights. All this time authorities despised and ignored their demands. They were dishonest in the negotiations. This government pushes a peaceful protest in a violent confrontation. Only Yanukovych is responsible for murders and terror against civilians. And only he can stop it," Vitali Klitschko said in a video address to the Ukrainian people.

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