Klitschko urges Kyivers to protect capital

19.02.2014 17:39

UDAR leader Vitali Klitschko urged Kiev citizens to defend the capital, which authorities convert into a stage of violence and bloodshed.

“Today, the city is besieged. The government of Yanukovych has actually implemented the state of emergency without its formal declaration. And now, having announced a so -called "anti-terrorist operation", they try to spread it throughout Ukraine,” Klitschko pointed out. “Because of limited traffic and further aggravation of the situation people are sent for home arrest. Every Kyiver has become a hostage of a bloody dictator. Kyiv metro is blocked and does not work. For the first time since Nazi occupation, buildings are being destroyed, Khreschatyk is on fire. A newly appointed Donetsk protégé of Yanukovych abolished the Constitution for Kyiv citizens," UDAR leader said.

He noted that Makeenko will bear criminal responsibility for unlawful decisions and actions.

Vitali Klitschko also urged men to come to Maidan, and women and the elderly who want to help to arrange logistical support at Mykhailivska Square.

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