Klitschko: “Today our main task is to stop bloodshed. This solution we must unanimously adopt at the Parliament”

20.02.2014 17:00

The main task for today is to stop bloodshed, murders and shooting at people, which is taking place in the streets of Kyiv. For this government bares full responsibility as their actions has led to this situation, UDAR leader Vitali Klitschko said during a speech at the Parliament.

"The first thing which has to be done is to withdraw troops, so that a brother would not go against a brother. Government is fully accountable for this situation, as their actions have led to bloodshed. For nearly three months they did not want to hear people, who came out because they want reforms, they want their country to prosper. After all that has happened, the president had to announce about resignation,” Klitschko said. This conflict must be resolved peacefully. I am particularly grateful to the doctors and volunteers who are rescuing people. Today, many provocateurs and titushkys work with police. Officials speculate about federalization. You cannot split the country," UDAR leader said.

He also thanked Party of Regions MPs who came to the Parliament, because they do care what will happen to the country.


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