Verkhovna Rada must make responsible decisions in the sphere of national security immediately

23.02.2014 11:40

Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, Parliamentary Plenipotentiary in oversight of the SBU, said that Verkhovna Rada must immediately make responsible decision and to appoint people who would be in charge of the national security, since almost entire leadership of the SBU willfully left their offices and stations. He made this statement in the Parliament, reporting on the situation at the SBU.

"SBU has neither head, nor first deputies. Head of the SBU and his first deputies willfully left their offices and disconnected their phones", said Nalyvaichenko.

He said the Security Service was taking measures not to allow criminals who had shot at people, to leave the country.  The SBU together with other agencies, also takes monitoring measures to prevent theft, money laundering and taking money out of country.

"On behalf of Parliament, I urge that the Head of the Parliament, guided by the decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine, introduces to people and to the parliament the list of people who need to be immediately entrusted with the responsibility for the national security, who will work at their offices and and stop crimes. To reestablish the security of every citizen and finally restore the legitimate efforts to protect people and objects of high hazard", said Nalyvaichenko.
Earlier Valentyn Nalyvaichenko, who was appointed Parliamentary Plenipotentiary in oversight  of the SBU yesterday, reached an agreement to work together with activists of Maidan. He informed activists that he had met with Mustafa Jemilev, representative of the Mejilis of the Crimean Tatar people, and that the SSU was already taking measures to prevent separatist manifestations in the Crimea.
Also Nalyvaichenko assured that together with the activists they would ensure that the SBU took immediate measures to arrest criminals who killed people, organizers of the massacre and leaders who gave the criminal orders. "Free prison cells are available next to Pukach’s. And the SBU has to bring there officials who are guilty of bloodshed”, said Nalyvaichenko.

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