Pavlenko says first of all lustration should be applied to those who violated the law for the last three months

23.02.2014 14:13

Lustration must be applied in the first place to those who violated the law for the last three months. In particular, they are law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges who participated in the prosecution and repression, and proclaimed deliberately illegal decisions, UDAR MP Rostyslav Pavlenko said in the air of ICTV channel.

"Lustration should take place at two levels. The first, which has to be launched now, is the lustration based on the outcome of actions of the past three months. This is the responsibility of certain people for certain actions, which are recorded and documented. As an example, a judge sentences an elderly person for alleged beating of "Berkut" officer, or a disabled child to administrative arrest under unknown evidence. These are obvious facts that need to be investigated and a process of lustration for these people should be launched," Pavlenko said.

Pavlenko pointed out that the Interior Ministry launched internal procedures and a parliamentary committee started its own investigation into these facts. "One of the consequences of the abolition of the so-called judicial reform is that a Parliamentary Committee may prepare materials and Parliament can assess wrongful acts committed by those judges," the MP said.

According to Pavlenko, second level is a systematic lustration. "For example, the current German President headed a lustration commission. When the country was uniting, almost all civic servants were dismissed. When they applied for a job at new governmental agencies, they were "filtered" by a commission, which evaluated how much they had violated the rights and freedoms of citizens. I think that we can apply a similar model in Ukraine," Rostyslav Pavlenko suggested.

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