UDAR warns everyone who incites to interregional hostility will be responsible under the law and the people

23.02.2014 18:13

All those involved in inciting hostility between the regions of Ukraine, calls for separatism, will be held accountable not only under the law, but also to their own people, UDAR party says.

The party points out that the statements and appeals aired today at a rally in Sevastopol is a hysterical reaction of several so-called politicians, who fortunately were not able to unleash regional confrontation in Ukraine. "The government of Yanukovych united people as never before in a struggle against it. That is why all attempts to incite hostility are doomed to failure," the statement of the party runs.  The party stresses that events in Kharkiv proved that such ideas completely failed, since whole city came out to an en masse protest against any separatist initiatives.

UDAR warns initiators of such statements, that such actions fall under criminal law. The party urges to restrain from proclaiming of statements that may provoke regional conflict. Today Ukrainian society, all the citizens of Ukraine, should unite behind revival of a modern democratic state," the party statement goes.

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