Klitschko assures Crimeans: “Radicals and nationalists are not going to you. You are being provoked for confrontation, which we cannot let happen”

26.02.2014 18:53

UDAR leader Vitali Klitschko addressed the citizens of the Crimea and called them not to resist provocations of a handful of politicians and avoid confrontation in the ARC.

"Today the situation in the peninsula is very sensitive. You are provoked for a confrontation, which we cannot let happen. It totally depends on our wisdom and prudence whether they provoke strong standoff i the autonomy and a hasty adoption of the anti-state decision which concerns sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine," UDAR leader said.

He urged Crimeans not to be used in plans and schemes of politicians and prevent bloodshed.

"I, Vitali Klitschko, responsibly declare that no mythical radical nationalists, which you are so scared with, are not going here. They do not intend to interfere in the life and customs of the peninsula and in Sevastopol. No one is going to and will never infringe on language, culture, and the rights of the autonomy. I promise and act as the guarantor of this," the politician stressed.

Klitschko said that after the government Yanukovych had been ousted, all Ukrainians had to start building a new country, which will be strong, united, with a decent life for every citizen. "Let us be reasonable and responsible for the destiny of our country. Do not let anyone interfere with our desire and our plans. And then Ukraine will become prosperous and respected country! The Crimea will become a modern and comfortable tourist destination in Europe," UDAR leader said.

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