UDAR asks leaders of world democracies to assess Russia actions towards Ukraine

27.02.2014 15:31

Party of UDAR calls on the leaders of world democracies to support territorial integrity of Ukraine and assess the actions and statements of Russian politicians about possible interference in the domestic affairs in Ukraine.

In particular, this refers to the statements that Moscow will not remain aloof if life and health of Russian compatriots in Ukraine are allegedly in danger. Moreover, should the Crimeans take a decision to join Russia, the latter is ready to consider it. UDAR points that such statement comes while a sharp increase of Russian soldiers and military machines on the streets of Sevastopol and Yalta is observed. Also, the statements were aired amid forcing Crimean Parliament to adopt a call for a referendum on the autonomy status. UDAR considers this a direct threat to interference in the domestic affairs of Ukraine and to its territorial integrity.

"What danger to the Russians is in question? Is it the one fueled by Russian television and "predicted" by policians, who are ready to give Russian passports to Ukrainian citizens or those who put Russian flag on the top of the House of the Crimean Parliament?" the party underlined. “An attempt to play a federalization card failed. Now the card of the loss of territorial integrity of Ukraine is being played. This cannot be let happen," UDAR stressed.

The party is convinced that international democratic community should support territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and assess the statement, intentions and actions of the Russian politicians towards Ukraine.

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