Klitschko: “Guarantors of Ukrainian security should ensure fulfillment of requirements to Russia which will resolve the conflict”

01.03.2014 23:11

Countries which signed the Budapest Memorandum shall ensure fulfillment of demands to Russian Federation in order to preserve the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, UDAR leader Vitali Klitschko said in the air of "1 +1" Channel.

He stressed that the following issues should be addressed in order to resolve the conflict and prevention of military aggression by Russia:

1. The troops of the Russian Black Sea Fleet shall be immediately withdrawn to the places of permanent deployment in the Crimea.

2. Armed forces, which illegally entered the territory of Ukraine, shall be immediately withdrawn.

3. The Agreement on the naval facilities lease for the Black Sea Fleet shall be amended which will unable to pose a threat to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

4. Russia shall provide absolute confirmation of fulfillment of the obligations under the Budapest Memorandum as a guarantor of agreements.

5. The mechanism of bilateral consultations, should a threat to the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine arise, shall be determined.

6. Russian Federation President’s appeal to the Federation Council on the use of Armed Forces of Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine shall be recalled, and the resolution shall be canceled.

7. Russia shall provide guarantees to meet the linguistic and cultural needs of Ukrainians who live in Russia.

8. Russia shall immediately extradite former Ukraine’s President Yanukovych, who is accused of mass murder and other persons being a party to violence against the citizens of Ukraine.

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