UDAR calls for a meeting of the Ukraine-Russian interparliamentary commission to address the confrontation

04.03.2014 10:39

UDAR proposes to create as in the shortest possible time a Ukraine-Russian interarliamentary Commission so that politicians rather than military solve all issues between Ukraine and Russia, UDAR MP Iryna Gerashchenko stated at the parliament meeting. 

"On behalf of the Ukrainian Parliament we must make a statement addressing the State Duma. There should be a clear indicate that we condemn such actions, when our neighbors adopt unilaterally the decision to start a war. Obviously, neither of Russian politicians is sending their children to the army," Gerashchenko said. The MP stressed an official Ukraine-Russian body, which is the interparliamentary commission, had not gathered for a year. The last time this committee was supposed to meet in October 2013 in Dnepropetrovsk, but the State Duma suggested that the meeting should be canceled. "We ask the Speaker to appeal to the Russian State Duma to arrange an urgent meeting of the committee to let politicians talk, not the armies, to discuss with Russian counterparts all the questions they are trying to solve alone," Iryna Gerashchenko said.

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