Klitschko urges Crimean deputies to cancel referendum and elect authoritative prime minister

06.03.2014 13:26

Leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko calls to bring to justice the self-proclaimed prime minister of Crimea Aksenov and his associates. He also appeals to all members of the Crimean parliament demanding to take a responsible state position to stabilize the situation in the CAR and immediately cancel all their illegitimate decision. In particular, decisions on the election of Sergei Aksenov as a Prime Minister and holding of referendum on March 16 must be canceled, the open letter of Vitali Klitschko to Crimean deputies runs.

He stressed that the decision to change the Crimean government was taken with flagrant breach of the law and failure to comply with regulations. There are no legal ground to prepare and conduct the referendum. Therefore, such decision is an attempt to usurp power.

"By doing so, Sergey Aksenov and Crimean parliament that support external scenarios violated several laws of Ukraine and openly work against the Crimean autonomy and its residents, provoking conflict and confrontation. Therefore, we demand that you immediately return to the legal field and cease to violate the laws of the country, which elected you as deputies of the Autonomy’s parliament," the letter runs.

Klitschko appeals to the Crimean deputies to immediately cancel the decision to hold a referendum and elect as prime minister the person who knows the region and its economy, and has unconditional authority and can offer a development plan for ARC.

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