Klitschko: “Our goals are Ukraine's accession to the EU, direct talks with NATO and Presidential elections in May”

06.03.2014 19:33

Ukraine wants to build friendly relations with all states. They should be based on mutual respect, sovereignty and responsibility, leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko said, speaking at the EPP Congress in Dublin.

"Our goals are Ukraine's accession to the EU, direct talks with NATO, conducting reforms, promotion of press freedom and human rights, and holding transparent presidential elections on May 25," Klitschko said.

He noted that the Ukrainian people had won the fight against Yanukovych, who was made to flee to Russia. As soon as the situation began to stabilize in Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ministers was appointed, and finally the country got a chance to implement reforms, Russia launched a military intervention.

"Armed men roam about the cities of Crimea and provoke Ukrainian military. Russian media cover the situation in an untrue manner and false the facts. However, there was no response to aggressive provocation. Ukrainian army behaves heroically and professionally,” UDAR leader said. “Now it became clear what scenario Putin kept in mind. However, Yanukovych is in Russia now and calls himself a legitimate president. This raises the question, why does he not return back to Ukraine? Is he afraid? If so, why or of what? Of people? Of his party? Or is it because of his illegal activities?" Klitschko pointed out.

The politician stressed that Ukraine now needs the support of all the friends for reforms in order to become a stable and successful state. "Ukraine is a democratic, politically and economically strong country," Vitali Klitschko highlighted.

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