Klitschko: “Pressure on Russia should be increased and tough sanctions should be imposed. This is the only language understood by the Russian government”

07.03.2014 11:27

The only way to a peaceful settlement of the situation in Crimea is implementation of tough sanctions against Russia by the European Union, leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko said at the meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Dublin.

"The pressure must increased and tough sanctions implemented. Unfortunately, it is the only language understood by the Russian government," Klitschko said. Also, the parties discussed the internal situation in Ukraine. UDAR leader stressed that the new Ukrainian government and all democratic forces have no right to fail expectations and aspirations of the society and of the people who had stood and died at Maidan. “Therefore, we must do everything to preserve the integrity of Ukraine and develop a new state.”

Also, in Dublin Klitschko met with the Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk and the President of the European People's Party Joseph Daul. Leader of UDAR expressed his gratitude for urgent resolution of the European People's Party, which emphasized that European politicians condemned the intervention of Russian troops on the sovereign territory of Ukraine and urged Putin to stop and withdraw troops to resolve the crisis peacefully and with full respect for international law. In particular, the resolution stressed that such aggression is unacceptable and seriously affect the EU's relations with Russia and would lead to further isolation of Russia. It also ran that propaganda of the alleged harassment of the Russian-speaking population in Ukraine is a blatant lie. The EPP considered the decision to hold referendum in Crimea illegitimate, as it had been adopted by ​​illegitimate authority and contradicted Ukrainian Constitution.

Polish Prime Minister during a meeting with Klitschko highlighted that the efforts of the democratic world aimed at helping Ukraine to preserve and defend its territorial integrity and sovereignty. Donald Tusk noted that it is also important for Ukrainians to demonstrate real transformations in the country, in particular the progress in democratic reforms and fight against corruption.

Today Vitali Klitschko will also meet in Paris with the President Francois Hollande, influential French experts and Ukrainian community.

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