UDAR: In Donetsk, police and local authorities ask Klitschko not go to the rally in order not to provoke the excesses of aggressive pro-Russian activists

09.03.2014 14:29

In Donetsk, police and local authorities ask Vitali Klitschko not go to the meeting to avoid provocations by violent pro-Russian activists.

They block the venue where a rally for the unity of Ukraine should have been held. Vitali Klitschko was supposed to participate. Initially, the meeting was planned at Lenin Square, then it was moved to the Cathedral.

Protesters with Russian flags held a rally at Lenin Square, then went to the Donetsk Regional State Administration and blocked the square next to the cathedral, and two adjacent streets.

They did not let to set up a stage and sound equipment for a rally. According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs Office in Donetsk, pro-Russian activists carry explosive packs and grenades. Law enforcement officers have seized explosives from several people.

Pro-Russian crowd is aggressive, some of them, holding Russian flags, went to seize Donetsk city council.

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