UDAR: At Kharkov rally "sporty tourists” throw eggs and explosives. Police stand by

10.03.2014 14:29

In Kharkov during a rally for the unity of Ukraine, where leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko was supposed to speak, pro-Russian activists staged a provocation.

About a hundred of aggressive young men flew Russian flags and chanted "Referendum, Russia, Berkut" After the speech, Vitali Klitschko turned to them and waved with a Ukrainian flag to them.

"Tourists" started throwing eggs and brilliant green at the protesters, and when Klitschko was getting into his car, they threw a few thunder flashes. Police officers, who stood on both sides of the road, did not interfere. Although the people who came to the rally demanded that police officers check the documents of the aggressive "sportsmen", whom they claimed to be Russian citizens.

Initially, this group tried to stage a provocation at the venue where Klitschko’s press conference was scheduled, and then came to EuroMaidan rally.

"We saw these same people in Donetsk yesterday. Today they are in Kharkov. They seem touring Eastern regions of Ukraine demanding a referendum. Why and by what right? They may demand something at home, but not to incite and provoke people in Ukraine," Klitschko said.

Over three thousand people came to rally for the unity at Taras Shevchenko monument in Kharkov. UDAR leader thanked Kharkov citizens for their citizenship and willingness to defend the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. "It is the most important thing for today, since it will determine the future of our country," Vitali Klitschko appealed to the people.

In Kharkov, he visited "Turboatom" plant, met with the governor Igor Baluta, and took part in TV programs.

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