Klitschko: “Crimea is occupied, Ukrainian TV channels and media are being blocked not to let Crimeans get objective information”

10.03.2014 16:57

Until now nobody knows how many deputies of the Crimean parliament have endorsed the decision to hold a referendum in the Crimea, UDAR leader Vitali Klitschko told reporters in Kharkov.

"Nobody knows how many deputies "endorsed" the decision at gunpoint. There were neither journalists nor the required minimum of deputies in the Crimean parliament. Instead, there were many armed men,” Klitschko said. “I would like to reiterate that what they call a referendum is unconstitutional and illegal. The region is now under occupation. Ukrainian TV is being blocked, they try not to let journalists on the ground.  Everything is done in order to prevent Crimeans to receive objective information. Crimea is going to hold a so-called referendum in such conditions," UDAR leader stressed.

He stressed that provocations in Kharkov were staged by aggressive "political tourists" to create a certain image for Russian TV channels cameras. "Russian media continue to create a parallel reality, completely distorting information. Cameras filmed today that Kharkov citizens allegedly chanted "Russia and referendum". This is actually not the case, as these people are a group of visiting performers with from a neighbor state. More than three thousand Kharkov residents were standing against them chanting "Ukraine is united," UDAR leader pointed out.

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