Klitschko: “The so-called referendum is handing control over Crimea to adventurists”

11.03.2014 10:55

Leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko urged Crimeans not yield to provocations of adventurists who rely on foreign army.

"I would like to appeal to the Crimeans who are being blatantly cheated by a gang of adventurist who rely on foreign army. Crimean Autonomy has its own Constitution, which guarantees a high - in fact, the official status of the Russian language. This Constitution along with Ukrainian legislation ensures broad autonomous rights of Crimea, especially in the socio-economic sphere," Vitali Klitschko reiterated.

He noted that residents of Crimea could not fulfill their autonomous rights as the ruling elite abused them and looted the funds. Therefore, according to UDAR leader, legislation reforms should be undertaken to grant citizens with more control of the government and make a budget work for people.

"We should work together on such a reform. A so-called referendum is handing control over Crimea to adventurists. What will happen if their plans are implemented? Look at Abkhazia. A flourishing land was turned into a social disaster. I would like to ask Crimeans who make much of the holiday season: who wants to go to the military conflict area? What will happen to the holiday season? Who will be accountable for it?" Vitali Klitschko warned.

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