Parliament should immediately consider MOD proposals on strengthening of Ukrainian army - UDAR

12.03.2014 10:26

In the context of occupation of Crimea by Russian troops, the Parliament should urgently consider all Ministry of Defense proposals aiming to increase the military effectiveness of the Ukrainian army, UDAR party believes.

The party reminds that Defense Minister Tenyukh addressed the deputies requesting to amend procurement and tendering legislation, and asked to provide funds for weapons. UDAR seeks to recover all funding programs to enhance the military effectiveness of the army, which Yanukovych’s regime suspended or ignored. “In the long run we will initiate a level of budgetary support for the armed forces at the level of 2% of GDP, which is fixed by law, and special programs for building of social housing for the military officers," the party statement runs.

UDAR also finds it necessary to expand cooperation with Western allies, primarily NATO countries, in terms of joint military exercises, technical reequipment and operational training.

Moreover, UDAR will take part in amending tender legislation, but in a wider framework. "A new version of the law “On Public Procurement" should ensure the availability and transparency of procedures for all procurement entities, including the Ministry of Defense," the statement runs.

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