Klitschko: “Presidential elections on a set date of May 25 will stabilize the situation in Ukraine”

13.03.2014 10:51

Presidential elections in Ukraine should be held on May 25 to stabilize the situation in the country as soon as possible, leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko told in comments to journalists on the sidelines of the Parliament.

He stressed that some politicians were doing their best to postpone the elections. "We need to build an effective vertical power structure to stabilize the political situation and launch economic reforms. But some forces are seeking to prevent elections and split Ukraine," UDAR leader said.

Vitali Klitschko noted that UDAR would do everything to hold presidential elections on 25 May in accordance with the decision approved by the Parliament. He underlined that political and economic crisis in Ukraine is a symptom of the Yanukovych’s regime.

According to UDAR leader, there are forces who are interested in pushing Ukraine in a generally unstable situation. "We must disrupt these plans. I appeal to the citizens of South and East. Avoid provocations. Propagation strikes against the current government. I do not know any Russian-speaking Ukrainian, whose rights are encroached," the politician said.

Klitschko is confident that the conflict between Ukraine and Russia should be resolved peacefully. "I believe that the issue should be settled through negotiation, diplomacy, and international pressure, and in no case, by the escalation of the conflict. We must not allow spill blood," Vitali Klitschko said.

Leader of UDAR added that everyone should take pains to keep Crimea as a part of Ukraine. He stressed that holding a referendum in Crimea was appointed illegally and in an unconstitutional manner. "We understand that this scenario is planned to foster split of Ukraine," Vitali Klitschko said.

The politician underlined that there is information that Ukrainian passports are issued for people who are not actually the citizens of Ukraine, in order to vote on the so-called referendum. However, Klitschko added, Crimeans receive blank invitations, which suggests that the organizers do not have voter lists.

UDAR leader stressed that Ukraine hopes for help from all the states who are interested in preserving territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine. 

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