Klitschko demands to bring to justice responsible for murders and provocations in Donetsk

14.03.2014 10:15

Leader of UDAR Vitali Klitschko calls on law enforcement agencies to immediately punish those involved in crimes in Donetsk, which were committed the night before.

Klitschko underlined that the incident last night in Donetsk not just excesses and provocations, but a crime, and those involved must be punished. "Law enforcement agencies should immediately investigate into the death and beating of people at the Donetsk rally. They may be easily identified as there is much footage from the site," he said.

UDAR leader added that the Internet abounds with photos of the buses with Russian plates and information about some provocateurs. Therefore this information needs to be urgently checked.

Moreover, Ukraine should finally close the borders to prevent provocateurs getting into our territory. "How long are we going to talk about closing the border and control over it? Are we witnessing a sort of sabotage on the border? Why are the bandits allowed to enter Ukraine, destabilize and kill Ukrainian citizens?" Vitali Klitschko wondered.

He believes that it is needed to immediately find out who helps separatists and stage provocation.

"I also appeal to the Party of Regions MPs. Several of you indulge provocateurs and heat secessionist sentiments. Why do you want to bail out Klinchayev? To keep Luhansk shaking? Then you become accomplices in the crime. You must be aware that "crazy " thugs with knives will raise against you," UDAR leader warned.

Klitschko pointed out that on Sunday in Kharkov, where a “referendum” rally had been announced, one can witness the same Russian tourists who would stage provocation. He emphasized that the operational services of MIA and SSU should identify and arrest organizers of the riots. "Interior Minister should go to Donetsk, and then to Kharkov to protect people from this terror and stabbing," Klitschko stressed.

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